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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Summer Skincare Routine using Nivea*

Recently, I was added to Nivea Family which I'm very grateful about as Nivea is one of my favourite skincare brands. Therefore I was kindly sent a package containing some of their new Urban Skincare range. So I have been testing out the Urban Skincare range alongside some other Nivea products that I already own. To create a full skincare routine using Nivea; which is effective and makes your skin lovely and clean.

To start with the cleanse; I either use the MicellAir Professional Micellar Water or
the Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes* dependent on my mood haha. 
MicellAir Professional Micellar Water is lovely micellar water to get all your makeup off and leaving your face lovely a fresh. I have tried both the usual and the waterproof one and love them both. So small amount on 2 large oval pads is perfect for cleansing the whole face. 
Usually, when I'm tired or if I'm travelling I use the Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes as they are easy to use and gets all my makeup off including my heavy makeup and lots of mascara. I haven't used wipes in ages, however as they are 100% plant fibres and the fragrant is lovely as well. 

Next, I use the 3-in-1 Urban Skin Detox Clay Wash*; this is a wash, scrub and mask all in one. A small pea amount of the clay wash is enough to wash your whole face and leaves your face sparkling and wash haha. I tend to use it in the evening, after cleansing but also sometimes in the morning to leave more refreshed. I usually use this as a mask once a week; I usually apply it on a dry face and using the PMD Clean* device to equally distribute the prodcut on my face but you can ust use your hands. Then leave it for 5 mins and wash it off with warm water. 

I use this only once a week and then I use the Peel off Urban Skin Detox Mask*. Both the Detox Mask and the Clay Wash contains Black Rice and Green Tea extract which are both lovely on the skin and leaves your skin feeling radiant. I do love this on a pamper evening and I love that it's peeling.

Finally for moisturiser; for the mornings I use my trusty Day Essentials Moisturising Day Cream*. I was kindly sent another one but I have been using this for years, a lovely light moisturiser which leaves your skin so smooth and a lovely makeup base. The added SPF 15 is a bonus, protecting your skin from the sun throughout the day. 
Then for the evening, I use my current favourite night cream; the Pure and Natural Night Cream. It's a lovely and rich cream which leaves your face lovely and soft. And your makeup applies gorgeously the next morning and adds a summer glow to the skin.

The combination of these products makes your skin lovely and clean, cleansing all the makeup off and has helped me preventing blemishes. As all these products are Nivea they are super affordable and can get from your local shop. I would highly recommend all these products.

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day!

Please comment on your favourite Nivea prodcuts? 

Sarah X

*This post contains gifted products as I'm part of the Nivea family as well as working with PMD*

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  1. These Nivea products all look great. Such a great affordable brand

    Candice x


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