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Monday, 15 April 2019

What's In My Bag April 2019

In 2014, 'What's In My Bag' youtube video was one of my favourites to watch as I'm quite nosey to see what people had in their bags. So I would quite of do a throwback post of sharing what I have my handbag at the moment. As I have recently treated myself to some new bags, as my old ones were broken or breaking. So I wanted to do a little flatlay, one of my favourite photos to take and share what I have in my bag on a day to day basis.

Firstly the bag, at the moment I have been using a Mango black ring bag. Personally, I have a medium sized black bag for everyday use as you can fit most things it without being too heavy. The bag is really well made for the price, when I bought it, it was half price in the mid-season sales so was only £19.99. The ring clasp reminded me a bit like the Chloe Faye bag but a fraction of the price. The bag contains one main pouch for stuff to go, the bag is large enough to place an A5 notebook which sometimes useful if I need my diary or a book etc.

My little makeup pouch, I'm usually a girl to take my whole makeup bag with me out. I usually just take a few products for touch-ups like my lipstick of the day, lip balm, my Collection lasting perfection concealer, a mini mascara and some tube of moisturiser for any dry skin patches. The pouch I use was a mini makeup bad from a MAC Christmas collection. It's nice and sparkly therefore easy to spot in my bag. And is small enough to fit in most of my bags.

A must for me at the moment is a portable charger, as my phone charger is so bad at the moment. Its basically runs out of battery every few hours, therefore, I need to charger nearby. So a charger and a phone cable are in my bag most days. This can make my bag slightly heavier but is very much needed, especially on days where I'm out all day and meeting people.

Similarly, with a small amount of body moisturiser, I always like to have a mini hand cream in my bag. At the moment, I have a Cath Kidston hand cream; as it smells so good and a lovely small size. The tube is also really cute with the Cath Kidston print.

Finally and most importantly my phone, cards and keys! I do go on my phone a lot; to see and reply to messages, go through social media as well as take and view photos. So my phone is always a necessity ;)
I have a little ASOS card holder purse; which has slots for all my cards, then a zip for some loose change and cash. As it's small it easily fits into most bags and never gets too heavy. Then finally keys,  are quite self-explanatory, need to get me into places and lock places up.

Hope you like this post - a little throwback to posts that were quite common in 2014/2015!

Hope you have a lovely week!

Please comment on what bag you are using at the moment.

Sarah X


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