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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Relaxing Essential Bubble Bath

Technically baths seem more of a winter thing, however, it's also a great relaxant especially with bubbles. And one of the things I love about being home from uni is that home has a bath! I do love having a bath, watching a shower and a face mask. Whereas usually I have a quick shower and get on with my day, but a bath is a great way to relax. So in today's post, I wanted to share one my favourite bath products the Essential Waitrose Chamomile Bubble Bath

I guess as soon as Waitrose is mentioned you expect a more expensive supermarket bubble bath, but this is actually surprised affordable at 95p. And as the bottle is 750ml is enough for plenty of baths - I've had a least 10 baths using this product therefore good for the cost. From testing other products from different brands and price ranges. I don't see there is much difference in quality. 
As it suggests on the bottle it's a bubble bath product, therefore a small amount under running hot water creates lots of bubbles. Which is great and also long lasting bubbles as its annoying when as soon as you get in the bath all the bubbles disappear. 

The scent of the bath is an added bonus, you could add an extra bath bomb or something similar to add colour, different scent or sparkle! But the similarly the Chamomile scent is really soothing and relaxing as I quite like comforting scents. Like linen, chamomile and vanilla sorts of scents.  

The ingredients of the bubble bath are also vegetarian and vegan so suitable for everyone and the bubble bath is also really good on sensitive skin! 

Overall I love this product; the price and quality! 

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day.

Sarah X


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