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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Relaxing Essential Bubble Bath

Technically baths seem more of a winter thing, however, it's also a great relaxant especially with bubbles. And one of the things I love about being home from uni is that home has a bath! I do love having a bath, watching a shower and a face mask. Whereas usually I have a quick shower and get on with my day, but a bath is a great way to relax. So in today's post, I wanted to share one my favourite bath products the Essential Waitrose Chamomile Bubble Bath

I guess as soon as Waitrose is mentioned you expect a more expensive supermarket bubble bath, but this is actually surprised affordable at 95p. And as the bottle is 750ml is enough for plenty of baths - I've had a least 10 baths using this product therefore good for the cost. From testing other products from different brands and price ranges. I don't see there is much difference in quality. 
As it suggests on the bottle it's a bubble bath product, therefore a small amount under running hot water creates lots of bubbles. Which is great and also long lasting bubbles as its annoying when as soon as you get in the bath all the bubbles disappear. 

The scent of the bath is an added bonus, you could add an extra bath bomb or something similar to add colour, different scent or sparkle! But the similarly the Chamomile scent is really soothing and relaxing as I quite like comforting scents. Like linen, chamomile and vanilla sorts of scents.  

The ingredients of the bubble bath are also vegetarian and vegan so suitable for everyone and the bubble bath is also really good on sensitive skin! 

Overall I love this product; the price and quality! 

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day.

Sarah X


Monday, 22 April 2019

My Favourite Products For A Summer Glow 2019

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and Easter! The English weather has been amazing the past few days, which is great timing. The heat of the past few days has reminded me of summer, and one of my favourite things in summer makeup is the glow! Whether that's the glow from skincare, moisturisers, creams or highlighters. In today's post, I wanted to share some of my favourite products for a summer glow.


I do love good skincare products that work, Pixi Rose Tonic Toner is amazing at adding a healthy glow to the skin. A small amount of toner on a cotton pad goes a long way. I usually apply this twice a day; morning and evening to add a healthy glow. The fact that the product is pink and smells nice is an added bonus.  

Face Creams

A strong base is always key to a good makeup look. Two products I like as a summer base is the 'MAC Strobe Cream' and the 'Benefit Dew the Hoola'. Both of them add a glowing base to your foundation which doesn't make your skin look oily. Which is an added bonus in the warm summer months as there's a fine line between oily sweaty and glowing. I much prefer being glowing! The Benefit product adds a little bit of colour also to your face which would look lovely with a tan.


One of my favourite parts of my makeup routine,  sweeping a fan brush on the top of the cheekbones, inner corners and brow bones. I do add an extra bit of highlighter in the summer, this is either using a mixture of cream and powder highlight or layering powder highlighter. Two of my glow to is the Zoella X Colourpop Swipe Right Highlighter and the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar which has a range of highlighters. Swipe Right is more of a pink toned highlighter, usually, I use the white toned highlight from the palette which is more of a glitter white highlight.  

Hope you like this post and have a lovely day!

Please comment on your favourite summer glow products,

Sarah X

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Spring Fragrance Edit 2019

 Happy Wednesday! I do love a good fragrance; as I like the feeling of smelling nice. My fragrance changes seasonally apart from my trusty Giorgio Armani Si perfume. In the warmer months, I do prefer floral fragrances. And that the scent lasts well, especially in the sunnier days when I'm out all. In today's post, I wanted to share my favourite spring fragrances. These scents will be on rotation for the next few months.

Giorgio Armani 'Si' Perfume

Literally my dream perfume, with the:
Top Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Liqueur de Cassis
Heart Notes: Rose de Mai Absolute, Neroli Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute
Base Notes: Patchouli Oil, Blond Woods, Amber, Orcanox, Vanille Absolute.

I love this perfume there is something quite chic about this perfume, the bottle is lovely also and a great addition to my desk. I feel very sophisticated wearing this perfume; at the moment I mainly wear it for special occasions. But the longevity of the fragrance is so good therefore lasts all day.

Bath and Body Works 'A Thousand Wishes' Body Spray

This is a scent I have loved since 2016, well since going to Bath and Body Works on holiday in Canada. I have a range of products from the 'A Thousand Wishes', including the fragrance mist, hand sanitizer and 3 wick candle. I love the blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond creme. This is a lovely fresh girly scent; perfect for every day as well as occasions. The bottle is also really cute, with the red and sparkles. For any English readers, you can also find this fragrance on Amazon if you don't want to pay the customs from bath and body works.

Zoella Beauty 'Lets Spitz' Fragrance Mist

The most affordable fragrance out of the three, as it only costs £8 from Superdrug. This also the most fruity scented with its notes of Raspberry and Cassis. This fragrance always reminds of summer and holidays as that's when I always wear it. I have a mini version and it's always my flight fragrance as it is small enough to fit in my handbag. 
The bottle is also affordable with the lace backing and polka lid. I will definitely need to bring up a few more bottles before Zoella beauty is discontinued! 

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day!

Please comment on what your favourite summer fragrances are.

Sarah X 


Monday, 15 April 2019

What's In My Bag April 2019

In 2014, 'What's In My Bag' youtube video was one of my favourites to watch as I'm quite nosey to see what people had in their bags. So I would quite of do a throwback post of sharing what I have my handbag at the moment. As I have recently treated myself to some new bags, as my old ones were broken or breaking. So I wanted to do a little flatlay, one of my favourite photos to take and share what I have in my bag on a day to day basis.

Firstly the bag, at the moment I have been using a Mango black ring bag. Personally, I have a medium sized black bag for everyday use as you can fit most things it without being too heavy. The bag is really well made for the price, when I bought it, it was half price in the mid-season sales so was only £19.99. The ring clasp reminded me a bit like the Chloe Faye bag but a fraction of the price. The bag contains one main pouch for stuff to go, the bag is large enough to place an A5 notebook which sometimes useful if I need my diary or a book etc.

My little makeup pouch, I'm usually a girl to take my whole makeup bag with me out. I usually just take a few products for touch-ups like my lipstick of the day, lip balm, my Collection lasting perfection concealer, a mini mascara and some tube of moisturiser for any dry skin patches. The pouch I use was a mini makeup bad from a MAC Christmas collection. It's nice and sparkly therefore easy to spot in my bag. And is small enough to fit in most of my bags.

A must for me at the moment is a portable charger, as my phone charger is so bad at the moment. Its basically runs out of battery every few hours, therefore, I need to charger nearby. So a charger and a phone cable are in my bag most days. This can make my bag slightly heavier but is very much needed, especially on days where I'm out all day and meeting people.

Similarly, with a small amount of body moisturiser, I always like to have a mini hand cream in my bag. At the moment, I have a Cath Kidston hand cream; as it smells so good and a lovely small size. The tube is also really cute with the Cath Kidston print.

Finally and most importantly my phone, cards and keys! I do go on my phone a lot; to see and reply to messages, go through social media as well as take and view photos. So my phone is always a necessity ;)
I have a little ASOS card holder purse; which has slots for all my cards, then a zip for some loose change and cash. As it's small it easily fits into most bags and never gets too heavy. Then finally keys,  are quite self-explanatory, need to get me into places and lock places up.

Hope you like this post - a little throwback to posts that were quite common in 2014/2015!

Hope you have a lovely week!

Please comment on what bag you are using at the moment.

Sarah X


Friday, 12 April 2019

My Quick and Easy Spring Makeup 2019

I do love a quick and easy makeup look, especially for the mornings I'm a bit short on time. Or for the good skin days or errands. This may seem a lot of products for probably most people but this is quite good for me ;)!


I'm a powder palette sort of person for brows - my go to at the moment is the Rimmel Brow Palette. The palette has a powder and a wax which you can mix together to create your right shade. The shade can fill as well as shape the powders. It's easy to use as well as small enough to travel.


To cover any depigmentation I like to use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as it pretty full coverage. The concealer also creates a great base for any eye colour as well as nice to shape the brows out. And as it's concealer it doesn't crease the eyeshadows throughout the day. I usually find that a creamy oiler base can move the shadows throughout the day.

To start with a transition shade and crease shades I use the ABH Light/ Medium Contour Palette, as it has bronzer shades. My transitional shades are 'Java' and 'Fawn' usually. Then for the lid, I use the Zoella x Colourpop Bellini Liquid Eyeshadow which similar to UD Sidecar but not as sparkle. I place a bit of this on the lid and blend it across and then us a bit of 'Fawn' and 'Coffee' to blend the shadow and deepen the crease.
To finish the quick eye look is mascara; at the moment I have been loving the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. As it adds length as well as volume and separates lashes meaning creates a natural separated lash look.


I'm a full coverage sort of girl, so even on good days, I reach for the Revlon Colourstay Foundation. The formulation is really nice and doesn't look cakey at all on the skin. Personally, I love the formulation. Then to set my face I use the ABH Light/ Medium Contour Palette; 'Vanilla' is a lovely yellow powder to set under the eyes. Then a mixture of 'Sand',  'Vanilla' and 'Banana' I use to mattify the face and to prevent any shine throughout the day. Then 'Fawn' and 'Java' to bronze the face and add shape to prevent me from looking like a ghost! This is pigmented powder so a little goes a long way so sometimes I do have to blend with my powder brush to create a bronzed blended look.
Then for a pop of highlight, I'm loving the Zoella x Colourpop Swipe Right Highlighter at the moment. I love the packaging, formulation as well as pigmentation. For a summer glow on the top of the cheekbones, brow bone and inner corners.


In my previous post, I mentioned 'My Go To Spring Lipstick', it usually a mixture of Charlotte Tilbury, L'Oreal, Colourpop or Benefit. But is usually a shade of pink!!

Hope you like this post and hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Please comment on your favourite makeup items!

Sarah X 


Wednesday, 10 April 2019

My Go To Spring Lipsticks 2019

Happy Wednesday! The British weather has started to feel a bit warmer the past few days; with sunny spells and April showers. In today's post, I wanted to share a couple of my go-to spring lipstick. All these have different formulation and brands but all are pinky nudes!

Firstly a pinky liquid lipstick; my go-to at the moment is the Zoella x Colourpop @Me Liquid Lipstick. The dusty mauve shade is gorgeous lipstick all year round, personally, I love it with a golden smokey eye. A golden smokey eye is one of my favourite looks for the warmer sunny months. The formulation is also comfortable on the lips for being a matte lip. It doesn't feel at all drying on the lips and doesn't cling to any dry patches on my lips.
The applicator is also really easy to use to get your lip shape, as sometimes its quite hard to get the right shape.

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite lipstick brands, I do own a few of them! By go-to for spring is the Charlotte Tilbury 'Kidman Kiss' Matte Revolution Lipstick. It's a rosy pink shade which is slightly brighter than the usual pink nudes I wear. Therefore makes it more spring and summer, especially with a bronzed look. This would look gorgeous on all skin tones.  The rose gold packaging also makes it look lovely on my dresser and in my makeup drawers.

For a hydrating tint lipstick, I love the L'Oreal  Colour Shine 658 Lipstick. It's a great dupe for the YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick, with its hydrating formulation and the enrichment with oils. The slightly pink colour tint is for an everyday glossy look. As well as for the no-makeup makeup days for a tint on the lips. The packaging is also lovely as well.

For the days a girl needs a gloss, I chose the Benefit Dandelion Lipgloss. The non-sticky formulation makes it more appealing so my hair doesn't get stuck in my lipgloss in the wind as it's annoying when that happens. The shade is a lovely light pink shade which does make my lips feel hydrated and so soft as well as plumped.

Hope you like this post!

Please comment on your favourite spring lipsticks?

Sarah X

Monday, 8 April 2019

Trying Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte is a brand which I have wanted to try for a while, but because of shipping etc. I haven't. But Tarte did do a deal last month, with free shipping and a £1 brush. So I wanted to treat myself to something to try a few of there products.
So I picked up the 'Girl Boss Goodies' gift set which was £11 and contains the Rainforest of the Sea H2O boost, Rainforest of the Sea colour splash lipstick and the Light, Camera, Lashes mascara.

Rainforest of the Sea H2O Boost

I do love a good moisturiser, especially at the end of an skincare routine. My skin can get quite dry particularly in the winter or summer months. Therefore a hydrating face cream is really refreshing and helps to make my skin really soft especially the next morning. The face cream is lovely and light which sinks into the skin really easily.
The packaging is also really cute, with the swirls and the gold lid. Makes it feel very summery!

Rainforest of the Sea Colour Splash Lipstick in 'Salt Lyfe'

A hydrating lip is a must for me in the spring-summer month, and shade is gorgeous! The shade 'Salt  Lyfe' is a lovely mauve shade, with pink undertones. The formulation is also lovely as it leaves a matte finish but its hydrating and creamy.  It's hydrating due antioxidant marine plant extracts, shea oil and olive oil.  The lipstick is a cute mini size which fits perfectly into handbags and even purses.
I'm also a fan of the packaging with the blue marble effect which is lovely.

Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara

The Tarte mascara is something I have heard a lot about from YouTubers and bloggers. So I was excited when I could try it out. I love this mascara! The brush and bristles are great, grabs every lash to add volume and length. The brush also means it separates the lashes to create a lump free look. The packaging is adorable also and doesn't feel cheap. The ingredients are also enriched with waxes and oils.

Foundation Brush

Part of the deal was a foundation brush for the price of £1. The brush has a powder foundation brush on one end and a removable foundation sponge on the other.  This will be perfect for travelling over the summer, as it's 2 in 1. The removable feature is also nice as it's easy to clean. The packaging is also lovely with the gold ribbed effect.

Overall I'm really happy with all the products I've got to try. My favourite is probably the Tarte mascara as it adds volume and length as well as separates the lashes. So will definitely have to purchase the full sized in due course.
But I would love to try more Tarte products, please comment on your favourite.

Sarah x


Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence

Redness is one of my skin insecurities, especially around my nose and my cheeks. Which is a reason why I wear quite a heavy face makeup to cover the redness.  Therefore when I kindly received the new Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence* I was excited to try it out.

Dermalogica has quickly turned into one of my favourite skincare brands, the brand is cruelty-free, paraben free as well as vegan and contains no artificial fragrances and colours. Therefore a brand that you know is good for your skin. Over the past months, I have managed to try a range of product for their brand. And I love most of the ones I've tried. This has meant 90% of my skincare routine is Dermalogica products as I love how it makes my skin feel and has really helped clear my skin.

The Redness Relief Essence is part of the ultra calming line range which tries to help dehydrated and sensitive skin. This is the first product I have tried from the line but sounds like a range that I would love and be good for my skin.
The essence is one of those versatile products that a serum, toner and moisturiser all in one. Therefore, great for a quick and easy skin care routine using a minimal amount of products.  

From trying this product, I think I have already started to see a change. As in the refreshing formula has helped soft and hydrate my skin. Which has led to the application of foundation and other face products applying nicely in the morning. Redness wise I have seen a slight change around the nose, I think the redness on my cheeks are in larger patches, therefore, may be a more a long term effect.

The ingredients in my skincare are something that intrigues me; the essence contains Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin. The essence also contains Licorice Root Extract to help soothe irritation and also vitamin E.

Overall I love this redness relief essence and looking forward to see more long term effects.

Please comment on your favourite skincare products,

Sarah X


Monday, 1 April 2019

March Favourites 2019

Another month, another favourites post! March has gone soooo quickly, that one reason why there were no posts last week. It was last week of the semester before Easter meaning deadlines and seeing friends. But this month I got to try a range of lovely products and opportunities and I wanted to share a few of them. 

Beauty Favourites 

This past month I treated myself to a few items from the Zoella X Colourpop Collection; two of my faves are the Swipe Right Highlighter and Bellini Eyeshadow. I do love a good highlighter which pops in certain lights. Therefore the pink tones of the highlighter I love and perfect for everyday use.
The Bellini eyeshadow has been one of my go-to looks over the past month, this over the lid with a bit of bronzer in the crease. This creates a lovely easy bronzed look which goes really nicely with a gloss. Like my next favourite, the Benefit Dandelion lip gloss. This is a stunning pink gloss, which looks lovely over the spring/summer months. The gloss adds a subtle pink tint to the lips as well as pumping the lips. 

The eraser any depigmentation under of eyes or blemishes, the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer is my go to. This has probably have been in one of my favourites before but it's just so good! The coverage and the formulation are both so good and blend in really nicely into the skin. 

A lovely pamper evening moisturiser;  Dermologica Sound Sleep Caccoon* is such a good product. The skin makes my skin feel so smooth and soft and the smell is so soothing especially just before sleep. I only have the mini so far but would love to try the full sized at some point.

Another one of me latest purchases was the Zoella Beauty Peach Body Sorbet is lovely - the formulation and scent are both gorgeous. Perfect for the upcoming sunny months!

Other Favourites

To celebrate the end of term my friends and I went to Turtle Bay and had some cocktails and they were so good! And so affordable especially in happy hour  - I have been there before and the food is so nice as well.

Baking is a constant favourite, this past month I have started easter baking. The photo below shows Creme Egg Brownies that I made it with some friends. So good!

Hope you all had a lovely March! And looking forward to what's coming up in April!

Please comment your favourites from March,

Sarah X

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