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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

My Everyday Makeup Routine February 2019

Hello! For the first time this year I'm writing my everyday makeup routine as well as writing more than one post in a week ;)! I love makeup and I may have a lot of it - perhaps too much in some peoples opinion but you can never have too much?! But posts about makeup routines shows that makeup you actually use and whether its change throughout the year.

Brows and Eyes

My current brow product of choice is the Rimmel Powder Duo in 002 Medium Brown. Personally, I prefer powder brow products as it's what I'm used to using and applying. The powder duo contains a light brown powder as well as a slightly darker brown wax. The mixture of both powders creates the perfect brow shade for me.

For my eyes, at the moment I'm going for rather neutral nude eyes so I always seem to go back to my trusty Urban Decay Naked Palette. The palette has a gorgeous array of everyday shades, my favourite combination has to be 'Sin' and 'Buck'. This creates a lovely pinky neutral eye which is a go-to for me! Then for mascara, I go to my favourite Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara for full, long lashes


To neaten up by eye look as well as create a blank canvas, I'm using the Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Ivory. It's a lovely full coverage foundation which lasts all day, the formulation coverages any redness or blemishes I have. To add any extra coverage I use the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer for my under eye circles. Or any blemishes I use Revolution Concealer and Define Concealer. Then to set all the concealer under my eyes I use the yellow toned powder in the NYX Contour Kit. Then for the rest of my face, I use a mixture of the 3 powder shades in the palette. For contour and bronzer, I use a mixture of the first 3 bronze shades in the NYX Contour Kit. To add some shape and sculpt back into my face. Finally, to finish my face, I'm going to add some glow back into my face I use 'Ice Queen' shade again from the NYX palette for the top of my cheeks as well as the brow bone and inner eye corners.


One of my favourite parts of doing my makeup is lips! I do own quite a lot of lipsticks so a lot of choices! So at the moment, I'm rotating between MAC x PatrickStarrr lipstick and CT Miss Kensington lipstick. Both have amazing formulations and pigmentations, perfect for everyday wear.

Hope you are having a lovely day and I hope you like this post!

Please comment on what your go-to products have been the past month or so!

Sarah X

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