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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

July Favourites 2018

 As it's the 1st of August this means its time for my monthly favourites from July. July was warm and hot for the Uk which was lovely and refreshing - which has meant I've tried more hydrating products or products to keep my makeup on all day.

Beauty Favourites

My new go-to summer palette - the Morphe 3502! It has a gorgeous array of warm tones which I think suit my green eyes really nicely . And I love the orange/red tones which are slightly different to my other palettes in my collection. 

A hydating lip balm and lipstick are necessary for my in the heat especially, so my favourite lip balm in the Palmers Coconut Oil Lip Balm. Then my favourite moisutirising lipstick is actually one I picked up whilst I was in hoilday in Austria - it's the Catrice Dewy-ful Lips in 020. Lovely nude hade which conditions my lips.

As I'd previsouly mentioned in my last blog post the Eau Thermale Avène Lip Butter was amazing at helping my dry skin that I got due to the heat. As it's castor oil based its higly hydrating and nourishing on the skin.

Other Favourites 

Similar to previous months Love Island is one of my favourite shows - watching it every night. The finally was last night - I'm so happy Jack and Dani won ( you could tell from like week one that they would win!). I dont know what I'm going to do with my evening now as I watched Love Island everyday for 2 months ;)

I was looking for a good series to binge watch as I had some free time and I came across Suits on amazon prime. IT IS AMAZING!!! I literally binge watched 7 seasons in 2 weeks as I was so obsessed! Gladly I finished just in time to watch the new season 8 episodes which are happening at the moment.  To be honest I also started watching it because Megan Markle was in it - so I was mentioned quite alot in recent years.

The Gym was been one of my favourites thing to do this month. I had never steped into a gym until the end of June. I always saw it as a daunting place but I've always wanted to lose weight and get in shape that I would like. As well as not being conscious of lumps and bumps in photos etc.. But recently I've been going everyday - attending different classes including yoga (which I'm not great at as I keep losing my balance ;) ) But I have gone with friends which has made it more of a social occasion as well as all of use trying to hit our goals.

I hope you had a lovely July and hope you will have a lovely August!!

Please follow and comment what your favourites have een for the month of July.

Thank you for reading!

Sarah X

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