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Friday, 29 June 2018

June Favourites 2018

 As it's coming up to the end of June - it's time for my June Favourites. This month has quite full on with school but I rediscovered old products as well as trying new ones.

Beauty Favourites

One of my go-to lipglosses for the spring/summer season Tanya Burr Cosmetics in 'Lunch Date'. Gorgeous pale pink shade which goes with most makeup look. 

A good moisturiser is a must for me in the summer especially during the 'heat wave' we are having in the Uk. So the Simple Moisturisers   have been a must have: using the green lid day cream which has SPF which helps prevent sunburn which is great for a very pale person like me who burns easily. Then the blue lid night cream at the end of the day as its really moisturising especially after a long day.

Lip balm is also another must for me during the summer as my lips tend to get quite dry so I've been loving the Soap and Glory Lip Balm. Lovely formulation and packaging.

I do love trying new mascaras and I been loving the Benefit Bad Gal BANG! Mascara. Adds so much length and volume and has been great at creating for events as the formulation is long lasting.

A lipstick that I bought and been loving this month is the L'Oreal Colour Shine 068 Lipstick. Gorgeous shade - perfect for the summer and with a moisturising, hydrating formulation.

Other Favourites

I was lucky enough to attend one of Ed Sheeran's concert this month. It was AMAZING and the support acts were so good also I love Anne Marie's music. 

Two of my favourite programmes started again this month Love Island and Our Girl. To be honest, this season of Love Island hasn't been my favourites but I still love and I love the Austrilian one too. Hopefully, the Uk will become more interesting soon!!

I'm a big fan of Our Girl - I don't know how many times I've rewatched the past series as well as the current. I just love it!!

Hope you like this post and have had a lovely June.

Please comment what you've been loving this past month and please also follow.

Sarah X


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