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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

April Favourites 2018

I'm a shocked by the fact that it's already the end of another month. Being at the end of the month it also means that it's time for yet another post about my monthly favourites! I love watching favourites videos on YouTube and reading blog posts about those, so I enjoy writing them myself even more!

Beauty Favourites

I have previously mentioned on my blog that I have loving mixing my foundation with a BB cream this month I’ve been loving Lancome Beauty Balm. It was technically my mum’s but she didn’t use it so I’ve used it and loved it! 

This year I wanted to try a range of new brands and one of them as Clinique. And I found a gorgeous set on offer which contained  Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry as well as some skincare. I love the chubby stick lip balm - gorgeous formulation and shade.

I’ve recently hit pan on my fave Hoola Lite bronzer so I’ve been looking for a cheap alternative and I found and loved Rimmel Natural Bronzer this month. The bronzer is slightly more warm tones but still great for my pale skin. And the formulation is gorgeous too.

There's nothing better than taking off my makeup in the evening and applying a thick moisturiser. My favourite is the Nivea Night Cream - my skin feels soft and my makeup applies really nicely in the morning. 

Other Favourites 

I love watching compilations videos on youtube whether that’s Jeremy Kyle or pregnancy announcements. But this month I’ve loved watching Coronation Street Compilations videos - I have never actually watched a full episode of Coronation Street but their youtube videos are so good.

Oil hair products are a must for me, especially with curly, frizzy hair. I have loved the L’Oreal oil shampoo so I wanted to try the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Balm. IT’S AMAZING !!!! I apply this weekly to the ends of my hair, and it makes my hair so soft.

Hope you like this post!

Please comment your monthly favourites as I would love to know. Please follow me also on Bloglovin as I nearly at 1000!

Hope you have a lovely day!

Sarah X


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