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Friday, 27 April 2018

Makeup Declutter Spring 2018

I love watching makeup declutter videos and posts. And as its traditional in spring to do a 'Spring clean', so I thought it's perfect timing to sort through my makeup collection.
Throw away some old makeup and sorting out the stuff I hate, never use, and just stuff I wanna get rid of.


It's very rare that I finish up makeup as I like to rotate through everything I have, eventually sometime makeup get to its expiry, and when that happens it’s time to go. 

I always forget the expiry dates of makeup but these are the ones I go by: 
  • Mascara – 3 months. 
  • Liquid Foundation and Concealer – 6 to 12 months.
  • Cream Blush and Eyeshadow – 6 to 12 months.
  • Powder Blush and Eyeshadow – 1 year.
  • Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencils – Up to 2 years.
  • Liquid Eyeliner – 6 months or less.
  • Lipstick – 1 year.
  • Moisturizers and Skin Care – 1 to 2 years.

Unused/ Dislike

I love trying new makeup products but that does lead to products I don't use or don't really like. Whether the formulation isn't great, too orange for my ghostly skin or liquids I'm not uncomfortable to wear. As well as some products I don't use as much as  have a similar one that I prefer or products that sit in my drawers (which means more room for new products) 


I don't why this happens but it happens often - I keep empty products in my collection. Sometimes to remind me to buy another one or forget they run out. But the empties do show that I love the product.

I hope you like this post and please comment if you like declutter posts and videos.

Hope you have a lovely day and weekend!

Sarah x

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