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Monday, 13 November 2017

Pamper Evening Essentials in Winter

Hi chappes,

Happy Monday!! On cold, winter days I love to gather up all my blankets, grab my favourite hot drink and have a lovely lush bubble bath with Christmasy candles.

I do love a Lush bath bomb - especially the Christmas ones. My favourite has to be the Magic of Christmas. It smells so good and Christmasy. You can also use it for several baths. 

Candles have to be a must-have for a pamper evening - my favourite is a Cinnamon and Orange candle which I think I got in Home Sense. It smells so good and so Christmasy.

A face mask is an essential for a pamper night to help my complexion, I reach for a Simple Deep Cleansing face mask, it's a lovely affordable mask which is great for my sensitive skin.

A fresh manicure is another pamper evening must have for me, to start off I use Zoella Hungry Hands Hand Cream which is a gingerbread scent to make my hands moisturised before painting my nails. My personal favourite is Binky Collection in Pink Glitter. As its two of my favourite things; Pink and Glitter. So it's very me and great for this season.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your favourite pamper essentials and please follow.

Sarah X  


  1. This post makes me want to get all cosy! Candles are some of the best things to make you feel comfortable. I couldn't be without hand cream at this time of year!
    Amber |

    1. Thank you for commenting Amber and I'm glad you like this post. I do love candles and hand creams especially in the winter seasons.
      Sarah X


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