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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

Hi chappes,

WELCOME TO 2017!!  And today I want to write a review on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar which is gorgeous palette which I luckily received for my birthday.

There are 8 pigmented shades in the palette which contains 5 circular pans of powder blushes, 3 bronzers and one highlighter inside a large but slim, glossy black plastic palette with a mirror within the lid. And I love how compact it is and that the cicles of product will last for ever.

The shades are:
1. An icy white highlight - my favourite shade
2. Shimmery Light Pink blush
3. Plum blush
4. Shimmery Golden Bronzer
5. Satin Warm Bronzer
6. Shimmery Bronze Mauve 
7. Orangey Copper 
8. Matte Bronze (can be used as a contour)

All of these shades are pigmented, blend-able and this palette is great for pale skin.

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah X


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