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Monday, 27 June 2016

My Top 4 Music Groups

Hi chappes,

As I have already written my post about my favourite female and male singers. So i wanted to share my favourite groups.

1. One Direction- I love all their music and its great songs to sing along with. I looking forward to see what each of them do in their separate careers. My favourite songs of theres are Best Song Ever, Drag Me Down and Little Things

2. Little Mix - MY FAVOURITE BAND EVER!!!! I have loved them since they were on X Factor but unfortunately i have never seen them in  concert but hopefully on their next tour. My favourite songs of theres are probably: My Secret Love Song, Black Magic and Move

3. The Vamps- I remember about 2 years my friend raved about this band after they supported McFly on tour and she has loved them ever since. But then i listened to them and they are so good my favourite song is Can We Dance. 

4. The Saturdays- this was the first group that i remember loving and i think there Cd "Headlines" was the first album i ever purchased in 2010. I used to watch there TV backstage show which was amazing and i have to admit i was quite sad when they split.

Hope you like this post X

Please comment your favourite groups and follow.

Sarah X


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