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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Reviews

Hi chappes,
I wanted to write a Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Range Reviews.


This is my favourite body spray, it reminds me of summer and holidays. It's just a lovely spray for everyday and lasts all day. I really hope she doesn't get rid of the tutti fruity range as its fabulous.
                                               Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel- This smells soo good and it makes your skin really soft which is great. And it foams really well especially on a loafer/body puff. I would highly recommend this and its only £2 at the moment at Superdrug. Get it before it goes!!! :)

I love this scent but i have only ever purchased the spray and the shower gel but i need to buy more before it is discontinued. 

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your favourite Zoella beauty product and follow.

Sarah X                                                                        


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