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Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Top 5 Magazines

Hi chappes,

I wanted to share my favourite magazine beauty and food.

1. Glamour- This is a cheap fashion magazine which has a range of celebrity interviews and makeup tips. I love this magazine for travel as its small and compact and full of information about the fashion world. They also has great minis from big brands like Clinque.


2. Tatler- My cousin used to be the Jewellery editor so we brought it to see what she wrote. Now i read it because its so good, which lots of fashion, jewellery and beauty as well as events.

3. Good Food - It has a range of recipes, every month it has a new range of recipes. Each are coincide with the season or an upcoming event like Easter

4. Slimming World- Recently I've been loving workout and try healthy recipes. This magazine has a mixture of both. The magazine also includes a range of life stories which are really inspiring. And shows what can happen if you work hard at something you can achieve it.

5. Hello- i love a good gossip magazine. Its has food, celebrity new, health and makeup.
It has news about the royal family as well as. It as has exclusive stories and images of weddings and events. 

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah x


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