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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Top 10 albums

Hi chappes,

I did a while ago 10 top films and playlist so now i would like to share my 10 top albums.

1. 25 by Adele

2. 21 by Adele

3. Get Weird by Little Mix

4. Now that's what i call musicals 

5. Pop Party 12

6. Now that's what i call 81

7. 1989 by Taylor Swift

8. Now that's what i call a summer party 

9. English Rain by Gabrielle Aplin

10. Our version of events by Emeil Sande 

As you can see i like albums with a variety of singer like the now that's what i calls series of albums.
As you can tell like Adele music as it's in my top 2. And i quite like the ballad and musical songs but also pop. 

Hope you like this post.

Please follow and comment your favourite albums

Sarah x


1 comment

  1. Great picks and some I haven't listened too. Fun.


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