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Friday, 4 March 2016

Love Tanya : Book review

Hi chappes,

I wanted to write a review on my favourite non-fiction book'Love Tanya'. If you didn't know Tanya Burr is a famous beauty youtuber and her book reveals her tips on beauty, travel, love, friendship and youtube. 
My favourite sections are confidence, food and beauty. I have written a blog on Tanya's chocolate cookies which are featured in the book. She is now in the process of writing a Tanya Burr cook book. The confidence section has actually helped me and gave me the confidence to write this blog. 

This book is great for teenagers who are just getting into makeup, but you probably have to watch or know about Tanya Burr before you buy this book. 
This book as made Tanya and Jim are top OTP (if you didn't know that means one true pairing :))

You can find this book in most book stores but here are some links to where you can buy it, if you want ;)

Also go and read her blog:

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Sarah x

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