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Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Best Night of My Life // Seeing Adele Live

Hi chappes,

Yesterday i went to Adele's Concert. Which was UH-MAZ-ING, so i thought i would a slightly different post and do a vlog post.

Wednesday 30th March 2016

At 4:00pm my sister and I go the train to Birmingham New Street then a train to Birmingham International. We had a tiny break between to eat, i regretfully decided to buy some quavers. which made my hands smell like cheese.

At 6:15 we had arrived at the Genting Arena, we had to get body checked and had to look through your bag.   

Then we headed to the merchandise show, i brought the programme and a T-shirt with the tour dates on the back. The programme was slightly expensive at £20 but its so good.

At 7:30 we sat in your seats, annoying my sister and I weren't seating together. But i got the best ticket as it was my present!

8:00- the show started. Adele came from the floor literally 5 rows away from me. I guess what she started with - Hello! It was so GOOD!
Then half away through the song we went to the main stage which was slightly further away.

She sang 18 songs in total which were:


"Hometown Glory"

"One and Only"

"Rumour Has It"

"Water Under the Bridge"
"I Miss You"
"Million Years Ago"
"Don't You Remember"
"Send My Love (To Your New Lover)"
"Make You Feel My Love"
"Sweetest Devotion"
"Chasing Pavements"
"Someone Like You"
"Set Fire to the Rain"
"All I Ask"
"When We Were Young"
"Rolling in the Deep"

I think either "Set Fire to the Rain", "Hello", "Someone like You" and "When we Were Young" well actually all of them but especially those ones because Hello was the first song and she was so close.

In "Set Fire to the Rain" she was close as well as Adele was surrounded by rain. It was INCREDIBLE!!!.
 "Someone like You" is probably one of my favourite Adele song, she made he audience sing some of it. 
Before "When we were young" She asked people to come forward and saw some people behind me move so i went forward with them. I literally was 5 rows from the main stage in the aisle which Adele walked down between the main stage and the other stage near where i was sitting.

The concert finished with a bang of confetti with song lyrics at 22:10. My sister and I quickly met and then we had to run to the train station to get the train. I found out I'm so unfit i work out literally everyday but it doesn't prepare you for raining in the dark and up stairs to catch the train. We gladly did get the train to Birmingham New Street. We had a bit of time so we brought a fruit salad and water. Then caught the train home, and arrived home at 0:10am.

Overall the show was UH-MAZ-ING, the best show EVER. I would highly recommend it and if you are going to any of her other shows enjoy them but it goes really quickly.

Happy Thursday!

Please comment and follow!

Sarah x

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