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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My 5 Tips To Get Through A Bad Day

Hi chappes,

Tanya Burr recently posted a similar post so i wanted to share my top tips.

1. Watch your favourite show
When I'm having a bad day i love to watch hollyoaks, pretty little liars or youtube. All these are favourite things.

2. Bake
Everyone loves food, baking cheers me up whether its healthy or not.

3. Exercise
I love to let out any anger or frustration in a good workout e.g. a run or a h.i.t workout 

4. A cup of tea 
This may sound really British but there is nothing better than a cuppa

5.Talking to friends and family
Talking and laughing with people you love helps, you know there are people who loves you and support you.

Hope these help

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Sarah x

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