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Friday, 27 March 2020

Self-Isolation Skincare 2020

WOW! It's been a while since I last sat down and wrote a blog post. With the UK being in lockdown I have had more time than usual, so I thought every Friday I would write a little blog post (Lockdown series).  Talking of, I hope you are all well and staying safe in this very weird time.
So today I wanted to share my skincare routine which I've been doing this past few weeks of being in self-isolation. It's a perfect way to try new products that I've been meaning to use and try and old favourites. As well as having a nice little pamper before bed and wake up with lovely clean skin. I do have to be honest that my skin is the best it's been for a while, probably a mixture of this skincare routine as well as wearing less makeup due to not leaving the house.

One of my favourite little gadgets at the moment is the PMD Clean Pro*, I have previously tried the original PMD Clean which is lovely. But the Pro version is the additional combination of SonicGlow and heat to have a full-on facial spa experience. So on the days, I do wear makeup I either use my Nivea MicellAir Makeup Remover with a cotton pad or my trust Dermalogica Pre Cleanse and Cleansing Gel Duo using the PMD Clean Pro. Followed by a small amount of the Nivea Exfoliating Scrub on the PMD and using circle motions exfoliate my post cleansed face to make sure all the makeup and dirt from the day has gone. And on the days I don't wear makeup I still use a small amount of the Dermalogica cleansing gel to clean my face followed by the Nivea exfoliating scrub   

At least once or twice a week, post-cleanse I will apply a face mask by go-to at the moment are the Nivea ones*, Garnier sheet masks or the  L'Oreal Clay masks.
Following taking the mask off or the scrub, I use the Pixi Rose Glow Toner on a cotton pad to smooth out my skin and added a lovely glow. My go-to serum is The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% and HA Serum, to help with the redness of my skin and to add some hydration back to my skin. I use one pipette on my face and some on my forehand, both cheeks, chin and neck, like they do in Instagram makeup videos.
The final touches are my bedside skincare products; the trio of Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cacoon*, Hair Burst Lash and Brow Serum* and Dermalogica lip treatment* to get my skin all prepared for bed. The 'Sound Sleep Cacoon' is my all-time favourite night cream, so nice on the skin and the gel-cream formulation which contains a variety of nourishing oils; tamarind seed extract to help hydrate the skin, wu-zhu-uu Extract to brighten the skin and Persian silk tree extract to help with skin fatigue.

What's your go-to skincare routine at the moment???

Stay safe!

Sarah Xx

Some of the products mentioned in this post are Nivea, PMD and Dermalogica which I was kindly gifted. (*)

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