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Friday, 21 June 2019

Trying Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadows

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands which most of you would probably know if you are a frequent blog reader of mine. But I have mainly tried her lipsticks, some of her skincare and perfume.  I really like the look of the Charlotte Tilbury eye products and I have had my eye on a few products in particular for a while. But as CT is more of a pricey brand I wanted to make sure I liked them before buying them. So I did do a little haul and treated myself to some CT eye products.

Firstly I treated myself to the 'Dreamgasm' Luxury Palette, I do love the CT little quad as they look so cute and perfect for travel. I do love rose gold, sparkly eye looks so when this limited edition palette and it contained all champagne, copper-bronze and rose-gold shades. I was like YES PLEASE!! haha and added to my basket. The 'Dreamgasm' Palette is lovely in the fact that it contains shades from a mixture of different palettes, including the Transform-eyes, Pillow Talk and Bella Sofia Luxury Palettes. Which I like for a first luxury palette purchase, as it has been deciding between the Pillow Talk and the Bella Sofia (previously Dolce Vita) for a while but now its the best of both worlds.
This palette is gorgeous for summer with its rich rose golds and bronze shades, which I think compliments my green eyes. The formulation and pigmentation are lovely as well, easy to blend. As there are 4 shades you can use them all of them for a look or just a few shades. The matte shade is definitely the most pigmented, the glitter shades are gorgeous but not as pigmented as the matte with is usual for palettes.  

The 'Bronzed Garnet' Colour Chameleon, I have waited for years! Really since Zoe and Tanya's 5-minute makeup challenge which I think was summer 2016. They both used it all over the lid and smoked it out and looked stunning. I did have a quick look on the website and saw it was in the shades for green eye section as it's a metallic red toned bronze. So it has been sat in my basket for a while so finally bought it haha. Eyeshadow pencils are so easy to use, just a swipe of colour and blend. Therefore a quick and simple eye look but does look stunning on the lid. The packaging also feels luxurious which is a bonus.  

I love both of these products, and even though it was a little chunk out of my bank account aha but I know that I will get a lot of use out of the palette and eyeshadow stick. 

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day!

Please comment on what your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product is...

Sarah X

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