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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

My Past Week in Lipsticks #11

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a lovely day, in today's post I wanted to share some of my favourite lipsticks that I have been wearing the past week. Every day I try and wear a different lipstick, as I've got quite a big collection I would like to use them!


I do love a hydrating lipstick as well as a pink lip, the YSL Rouge Volupte 047 is the best of both worlds. The packaging is also stunning, with the gold and the YSL logo brand. The formulation is lovely, definitely not a longlasting lip shade but I love it!


On Tuesday I went for my new favourite lip combo; Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Liner, Charlotte Tilbury English Beauty Lipstick and NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. It creates a gorgeous pink lip which makes your lips look plump and lovely haha.



On the days I wear quite plain makeup/lazy makeup I reach for my Clinique Super Strawberry Chubby Stick. I love the hydrating formulation and the red pigmentation; a soft bold lip. The pointed application makes it also really nice to apply.


I have really got into my lipglosses recently, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer has been one of my go tos. A lovely natural gloss - your lips but better but it's lovely that it suits every skin tone. And the formulation isn't sticky so your hair doesn't get stuck haha.


As I have previously mentioned I do love pink lipstick and MAC Brave is a gorgeous spring pink shade. The matte formation is lovely and goes with most of my makeup looks, its a slightly darker pink which is lovely. I do love the bullet MAC lipstick packaging.


After not wearing liquid lipsticks for a while, I found my NYX Lip Lingerie 'Bedtime Flirt' and fell back in love with it. Lovely pink shade and the formulation isn't drying and longlasting therefore perfect for days where I'm out all day.


Sunday was a chilled relaxing day so a nude pink lip was my go-to - Rimmel 45 Lipstick is definitely one of my most used lipstick. Gorgeous nude and lovely formulation and the pink packaging is an added bonus!

Hope you like this post and have a lovely day!

Please comment on your favourite lipsticks,

Sarah X

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