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Monday, 22 April 2019

My Favourite Products For A Summer Glow 2019

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and Easter! The English weather has been amazing the past few days, which is great timing. The heat of the past few days has reminded me of summer, and one of my favourite things in summer makeup is the glow! Whether that's the glow from skincare, moisturisers, creams or highlighters. In today's post, I wanted to share some of my favourite products for a summer glow.


I do love good skincare products that work, Pixi Rose Tonic Toner is amazing at adding a healthy glow to the skin. A small amount of toner on a cotton pad goes a long way. I usually apply this twice a day; morning and evening to add a healthy glow. The fact that the product is pink and smells nice is an added bonus.  

Face Creams

A strong base is always key to a good makeup look. Two products I like as a summer base is the 'MAC Strobe Cream' and the 'Benefit Dew the Hoola'. Both of them add a glowing base to your foundation which doesn't make your skin look oily. Which is an added bonus in the warm summer months as there's a fine line between oily sweaty and glowing. I much prefer being glowing! The Benefit product adds a little bit of colour also to your face which would look lovely with a tan.


One of my favourite parts of my makeup routine,  sweeping a fan brush on the top of the cheekbones, inner corners and brow bones. I do add an extra bit of highlighter in the summer, this is either using a mixture of cream and powder highlight or layering powder highlighter. Two of my glow to is the Zoella X Colourpop Swipe Right Highlighter and the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar which has a range of highlighters. Swipe Right is more of a pink toned highlighter, usually, I use the white toned highlight from the palette which is more of a glitter white highlight.  

Hope you like this post and have a lovely day!

Please comment on your favourite summer glow products,

Sarah X

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