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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence

Redness is one of my skin insecurities, especially around my nose and my cheeks. Which is a reason why I wear quite a heavy face makeup to cover the redness.  Therefore when I kindly received the new Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence* I was excited to try it out.

Dermalogica has quickly turned into one of my favourite skincare brands, the brand is cruelty-free, paraben free as well as vegan and contains no artificial fragrances and colours. Therefore a brand that you know is good for your skin. Over the past months, I have managed to try a range of product for their brand. And I love most of the ones I've tried. This has meant 90% of my skincare routine is Dermalogica products as I love how it makes my skin feel and has really helped clear my skin.

The Redness Relief Essence is part of the ultra calming line range which tries to help dehydrated and sensitive skin. This is the first product I have tried from the line but sounds like a range that I would love and be good for my skin.
The essence is one of those versatile products that a serum, toner and moisturiser all in one. Therefore, great for a quick and easy skin care routine using a minimal amount of products.  

From trying this product, I think I have already started to see a change. As in the refreshing formula has helped soft and hydrate my skin. Which has led to the application of foundation and other face products applying nicely in the morning. Redness wise I have seen a slight change around the nose, I think the redness on my cheeks are in larger patches, therefore, may be a more a long term effect.

The ingredients in my skincare are something that intrigues me; the essence contains Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin. The essence also contains Licorice Root Extract to help soothe irritation and also vitamin E.

Overall I love this redness relief essence and looking forward to see more long term effects.

Please comment on your favourite skincare products,

Sarah X


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