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Monday, 18 March 2019

Makeup I Love For The Transitioning Months

 Happy Monday!! This week marks the start of spring, however, the British weather has made it feels like spring for a while. However, it did hail/snow yesterday which was weird! In today's post, I wanted to share a few pieces of makeup that I've been using the past few weeks as its transitioning from the winter makeup to spring makeup.

I do love a good glowy highlighter, especially over the spring summer months. A bronzy glowy look is my fave, especially in the warm months. The highlighter I've been loving at the moment is the Zoella x Colourpop Swipe Me Right highlighter. It's a lovely highlight with gold and pink tones and not too dark for my skin which is quite common with some highlighters as Im so pale!

I do love a hydrating or a glossy lip in the transitioning months, as your lips can get quite dry over the cold months. But I also love the look of a more glossy pink lip int he summer. Some of my go tos are the Clinque Super Strawberry chubby stick - a lovey red hydrating lip. This matched with brown eye looks very nice for a quick everyday look. A few other of my favourite lips are the L'Oreal Colour Shine 658 Lipstick and the MaxFactor Honey Lacqeur Lipstck. Both gorgeous pink shades wiht a hydrating glossy formulations.

I do like quick and easy makeup which creates lovely looks, that makes you looked put together. So I do love an easy sparkle eyeshadow, usually liquid eyeshadows. Whether thats the ELF rose gold eyeshadow, but recently I've been loveing the Zoella x Colourpop Bellini eyeshadow. It's literally my dream shade in a liquid eyeshadow. So a swipe on my lid, then blending in across the lid is a quick and easy good.

Hope you like this post, and hope you are having a lovely Monday!

Please comment on your favourite makeup items for the transitioning months.

Sarah X


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