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Monday, 4 March 2019

February Favourites 2019

My week off uni also seemed to be a 2 week off blogging which it didn't mean to be. But February has been an odd month, getting work done, enjoying my week off uni at home as well as the lovely summy British weather at the end of the month. So this mixture of events is highlighted in the variety of my favourites.

Beauty Favourites

My go-to palette for summer last year was the Morphe 3502 Palette, with the brown, golden shades. Recently I have been reaching the palette this palette the past few weeks as the weather has been really nice. The shades are also all pigmented therefore can create quick looks, one shade all over the lid and blended with bronzer in the crease.

Two of my favourite things are Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and the colour pink.  I love a love pink lip in the sunny spring months, Charlotte Tilbury Kidman Kiss is gorgeous pink shade. Which is a slightly bright pink shade compared to the rest of my lipsticks. The long-lasting formula meaning that the pigmented colour lasts all day.

I do love a good night cream, Nivea Pure and Natural Night Cream is my personal fave for everyday! This makes your skin feel so soft especially the morning after therefore the makeup applies really nicely.

Other Favourites

Like most people, one of my new year resolutions was to eat healthier Snacking was one of my main issues, so the past month I discovered frozen blueberries. Frozen blueberries are quite addictive, but they are healthy. I have accidentally dyed my lips blue one or twice whilst eating them but easily comes off.  But it's great to be added to smoothies and porridge as well.  

I do love a good series to binge, and I seem to get through series very quickly. This past watch I've been loving the Jane the Virgin series, especially as the final season starts on March 27th I don't have long to see what happens next. It's a series which is a bit of everything; romance, comedy and crime.

I had heard a lot about matcha from healthy, fitness bloggers but never thought I would like it! So when I saw the option of Tetley Super Green Matcha Blueberry Tea at ASDA I added it to my shopping bag. It's so good, and a lovely addition to my evening routine.

I hope you all had a lovely February, and hope you have a great March!!!

Please follow and comment your favourites for February.

Sarah X

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