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Friday, 8 February 2019

My February Goals 2019

Technically it's already a week into February but it's never too late to set small goals to make the most of out of the month. January always seems a drag and definitely seems to last more than 31 days. But February is short and sweet and I love to set small manageable goals. Especially as February isn't too eventful apart from a week home and visiting some friends.

1) Healthier Routine!
This can mean a lot of things! Eating healthier, drinking more water as well as better work and fun balance.  Over the festive period, I definitely think I put on weight due to saying in quite a lot of time and a lot of food was consumed (and drink!) ;).  So this month, I would love to start a good exercise routine as well as creating healthy meals. A healthy body is nice but being mentally healthy is fairly important. January can be quite a dull month, which can affect your mood. Therefore a good life balance as well as being positive and not stressed is hopefully going to help.

2) Blog
Well, this is the first time I've written 3 posts in a week since September. I love blogging, it's my little corner of the internet where I write about makeup and all things beauty. I also so nice to chat with other bloggers who have similar interests and I would love to meet some blogging friends one day. So this month I would love to write more blog posts (in-between assessment of course, just thought I would put that in there just in case my mother is reading this!). I also want to improve my photography and more than doing flatlays as well as comment on more bloggers posts and photos.

3) Read a Book
This is quite a simple one, but something I probably should do! For a few years now, I've been more of a magazine reader with a few fashion books as well. So this month my challenge is to read a fiction book,  I tempted to pick up and read one of Carrie Hope Fletchers book. But please comment on your favourite book that I should read as I would love some recommendations?

4) Treasure Every Moment
This past month there have been a few events that would make you want to treasure memories with everyone you care about.  Which is one of many reasons I'm excited to go back home for a few days to see family, friends and my cats!

I hope you are having a lovely February at the moment and hope the rest of your month is great!

Hope you like this post and I would love to know some of your February goals!

Sarah X

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