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Monday, 28 January 2019

January Favourites 2019

Wow!!! I haven't blogged in nearly a month - oops! Hopefully, there should be some more posts this next month as I've been on holiday as well as settling back into university life with friends as well as deadlines. It's already the end of January meaning time to reflect on my favourites from the past month.

Beauty Favourites

My latest lipstick to the collection MAC x Patrick Starrr 'Spank Me Santa' Lipstick has to be one of my favourites. For a start the packaging is gorgeous and as its part of the Christmas collection, its lovely red and sparkly. The shade is lovely with rosy brown tones. Perfectly matches most skin tones and eye shades.

Another lipstick that I've been loving this month is Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Babe, I received this lipstick for my birthday. The formulation and shade are gorgeous, the shade has red tones which has been perfect for the festive season.  


I do love trying new face products, differing coverages and formulations. Recently I've been loving Benefit Complexion Palette; there are 2 concealers, 2 bronzers (Hoola Lite and Hoola) and 2 highlighters (watts up and dandelion twinkle). The concealers have great coverage, especially for under eyes and blemishes. Hoola Lite is one of my favourite bronzers and 'Dandelion Twinkle' highlighter is a lovely shade for the cheekbones.

Winter is a time when personally my hand gets quite dry in the cold. I have 'an annual' tradition I buy Zoella's Beauty hand cream from her Christmas collection. This year was 'Reach for the Moon', I personally love the scent, refreshing with peppermint. And does keep your hand's moisture for a long time.

Other Favourites

At the end of last year, I binged watched Gossip Girl. So this past month I have done the same thing again!!! I seem to get through series quite quickly, usually as background noise whilst working. 

As a new years resolution, I wanted to be healthier, so if I wanted some sugar I reach for Rhubarb and Custard Sweets. They taste so good and are fairly low calorie. 

I do love a gin lemonade and my personal favourite is Gordon Pink Gin. Tastes so good and love the colour!

At the beginning of the month, I went to Lapland for my sisters birthday. It was a great time spent with family and experiencing new things.

Hope you have had a lovely January,

Please follow and comment on your January Favourites.

Sarah X


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

Happy New Year!!! Wow, I can't believe it's 2019 the past year has gone so quickly. This year has been a year full of change and has had many highlights.

2018 Favourites


I have mentioned Charlotte Tilbury quite a few times on my blog. This past year I have purchased a few of my makeup times. One of my favourites has been Charlotte Tilbury English Beauty lipstick, a gorgeous nude pink. The formulation is lovely and long lasting, the packaging is also gorgeous - who doesn't love rose gold!

One of my highlight brands this year has been Dermologica, I was lucky enough to be a part of their skinfluencer programme which is a dream. I have loved trying more of their skincare I have heard lots of great things about. This skincare; including the pre-cleanse, smoothing cream and the multimasks. The combination has really helped my skin and has never felt better.

A palette I have reached for a lot this year is the Morphe 35O2 Palette. I do love a warm eyeshadow; with the golden, browns and orange shades. The palette does also have a range of browns for the crease.

Benefit mascaras do have great mascaras, this year they released  Benefit Bang Bang Mascara. The mascara adds volume and length, the packaging is also great too. The mascara creates false looking lashes without the trickiness of having to apply lashes.

Other Favourites

I have also worked out this year I do love a to binge a series; Call the Midwife, Our Girl, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl and Bake Off. I seem to watch series so quickly which I don't know yet is a good thing or bad thing.

One big change this year has been university! University has been amazing; the independence, making new friends and memories. Looking forward to seeing what happens this year.

Even though I have only recently received the InTheFrow 'The New Fashion Rules' book is probably one of the best books I have read. The imaging and the topics are all so well done.

New Year Resolutions 2019

Every year I do seem to have similar resolutions. Sometimes I do keep them sometimes I don't seem too.

1. Be Healthy 

This includes eating healthy and exercises regularly. As I have also been self-conscious of the way I look so hopefully this will help with my confidence this links to my next resolution...

2. Be more confident and open minded

As previously mentioned, confidence is something I need to improve one. Which links to be more open-minded to new things and opportunities. 

3. Travel

Travel is something I love and would love to do more of. I'm going on holiday soon and in the summer, but I would love to travel more to visit friends and family. Travelling is a great way to create memories and see new places and cultures.

I hope you all had a lovely year and hope you have a great 2019!!!!

Thank you for everyone's support the past year and looking forward to seeing what this year has  install for my little blog!

Sarah X

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