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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

My 5 Favourite Things To Do In London

Slightly different from my usual post but London is one of my favourites places to go to. One of my dreams is to live and work in London one day. It's just so fast pace compared to the countryside I love in as well as having lots of opportunities and attractions. So I wanted to share my 5 favourites to do whilst I in London!

1.  I do love to attend a West End Show as I'm a massive musical fan! The last show I saw was Les Miserables in May which was AMAZING and I'm actually seeing Hamilton on Friday. Which I'm very excited to see as the music is so good and it's different to most of the other musicals I've seen. I also love the atmosphere in the theatre - the singing, the storylines, the magic the sets and the talent of the actors/actresses.  
My first West End show was the 'Lion King' when I was 9 and I still remember the outstanding props of the African animals and the music I love was live and not out of the child cartoon. 

2.  Shopping is one of my favourite things to do, so I do love to shop down Oxford Street. The shops are mostly the same as any high street but just much bigger! Bigger shop means greater choice - which is fabulous, however, that does mean there are long queues but if you go at certain times it fine. 
I love Oxford Street especially at Christmas with the lights which are gorgeous and very festive.

3.  Two of my favourite stores to go to are Harrods and Fortnum and Mason. As they are both so beautiful and extravagant, it's a great place to dream of future purchases. Future handbags, clothing, foods etc, for example, one day I would love to own a Givenchy Antigona Bag on a Gucci Soho Bag. I could spend hours going around the food halls, technically most of the time I actually get lost but still! The beautiful cakes, patisseries, restaurants that look lovely and I would love to make my own like that or buy them when I can get away with eating cake (on a health kick at the moment!)

4.   There are lots of lovely tourist attractions in London my personal favourite is visiting Buckingham Palace. Mainly since attending my DofE celebrations at the palace's gardens in May. The gardens are gorgeous but I also love the royal family so love visiting it. I also recently visited it last week with my friends, it was a slight detour from walking from Covent Garden to Harrods. So we had to take necessary photos outside of the palace for the memories.  

5.  Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London with the markets, shops and performers. But I do love eating at Covent Garden as there are so many lovely restaurants and caf├ęs. There are some lovely pizza places: Franco Manco or HomeSlice. But there also some gorgeous afternoon places with musicians and performers.

I hope you like this post as it's slightly different from my usual post, I hope you also have a nice day!

Please follow and comment on your favourite things to do in London.

Sarah X  


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