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Monday, 27 August 2018

And Relax... My Bath Essentials

I do love a bath especially after a long day as I wanted to share 4 differing products that I add to my bath dependent on what sort of bath I fancy. Lots of brands do a range of bath products, for example, Lush and they are all amazing but these are my personal favourites.

Bath Fizzers: Joules Bath Fizzers 

This was actually a birthday present from one of my closest friends and I love them! I have actually used all of them so therefore can't close up photos but I still own the box! it contains 4 egg shaped bath fizzers which are individually wrapped and they add a lovely scent to your bath. As they are bath fizzers it doesn't add bubbles or colour so is nice for a relaxing bath.

Bubble Bar: Lush 'The Comforter'

Lush is one of my favourite bath brands and 'The Comforter' is my favourite from the store. As shown in the photo it's pink with white swirls - the main notes are cassis absolute, bergamot oil and cypress oil which creates a lovely pink bath with lots of bubbles. I really like this one if I have a bit more time as I love the scent and I don't want to waste a bath bomb on a quick bath.

Bath Salt: Absolute Aromas Relaxation Epsom Salts*

I have recently tried adding salts to my bath and they are really good for relaxation or muscle ache. This one is formulated with a Relaxation blend which includes Chamomile, Lavender & Tangerine Essential Oils. One cup of this in a bath is amazing and really helps!

Foam Bath: Espa

Running some foam bath under hot running water is a quick easy bath for relaxation and bubbles. This one is technically my mothers but she never uses it so I've been using it and loving it! The Espa Foam Bath as hints of Bergamont, Jasmine and Cedarwood (seems I like Bergamont is my bath products ;)) The bottle is also really nice and feels very luxurious and spa-like.

Hope you like this post and I hope you are having a lovely Bank Holiday! 

Please comment your favourite bath products as I would love to try some more bath products.

Sarah X

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