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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

5 Easy Step to Transition Makeup Look Day to Night

Somedays I need a few quick easy steps to turn my day makeup into a more ‘dramatic’ night look. As sometimes I’m at school or work so wear more simple makeup but then in the evening I’m gong out with friends or to a meal. So instead of applying a whole new face of products which could be a waste and get quite expensive. I usually add or top up on certain products to transition my look day to night.

Throughout the day your makeup may have moved, come off or a blemish may have appear. So I like to apply more concealer: my skin colour concealer on these areas, my got to at the moment is the Maybelline Eraser concealer. Then a brightening concealer under the eyes (usually the Collection Lasting Perfection) to make me look more awake especially when I feel tired after a long day. 

During the day you can get a bit shiny so a nice sweep of your favourite Powder makes quite a lot of difference (it’s also a way to set your concealer).  Its great especially when you know photos would be taken in the evening so you don’t look shiny or sweaty in photos :) 

Bronzer is a key part of my makeup look as I’m naturally ghost pale I like to use bronzer to make me look lees ghost like and more tanned. So I do add more bronzer for a night look and sometimes some contour as my bronzer is warm toned, the cold toned contour just adds a bit more shape to my face. 

When transitional from a day to night look I do like to apply more Eyeshadow - whether thats adding more brown shades and creating a smokey eye. Or a pop of colour all over the lid using my Morphe 3502 palette. It such makes a nice change from such a cream shadow over the lid or bronzer in the crease which are my day go to looks.

My final step is adding more Mascara, I do love long voluminous lashes which usually is too much for a day time look as I usually only apply one coat. But to transition to a night look I apply another coat or two or maybe add lashes dependent on the event. I do feel like I look more awake with more mascara and I do feel like mascara finishes a look.

I hope you like this post and I hope you have a lovely day.

Please follow and comment your steps to transition from a day to night look 

Sarah X


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