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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Summer Evening Skincare Routine 2018

I love trying new skincare and finding products that actually work for my skin, so I wanted to share my 'Summer Evening Skincare Routine'. Including the PMD Clean* which is an amazing cleaning device. At the moment, I use products to make my skin feeling clean as well as hydrating my skin.

I actually take off my face makeup with the Clean and Clear 'Deep Action' Cream Wash with the PMD Clean device. As the PMD Clean* is a smart facial cleansing device. It has over 7,000 vibrations per minute, including the SonicGlow technology which ensures a deep cleanse. So the deep clean cream wash on the PMD clean makes my skin feel so clean. I also think this has combination has really helped with any breakouts as the silicone bristles helps to clean pores and impurities. As well as the silicone bristles are waterproof and anti-bactierial therefore it wouldnt need to be replaced.

To take off my eye makeup and if there is any remaining makeup (2nd cleanse), I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I have tried every sort of garnier micellar water and have love all of them. This green lid one  is designed for combination/dry skin which actually my skin type. 

The next step in my routine is toner, so my go to is The Body Shop British Rose Gel Toner which is enriched with real rose petals as well as organic Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico. The formuluation leaves my skin feeling soft adn hydrated which is refreshing difference to the recent England heatwave (yes a English person talking about the weather! 😂 )

My finally step in my routine is moisturisers, so for my face I use the Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream. Which is lovely refreshing moisturiser which also great for my sensitive skin. Then to moisture my lips I use the EOS Lip Balm, which hydrates my lips and prevents my lips cracking or dehydrated.

I hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely weekend!

Please follow and comment your key skincare items at the moment.

Sarah X


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