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Friday, 6 July 2018

Morphe 3502 Palette

In my last post I mentioned that the Morphe 3502 was one of my summer staples as I love warm tones on my eyes. Especially that I have green eyes so orange/bronze shades make my eyes pop!! (not literally ;)) And this is my first ever Morphe palette - I had heard alot of great things about the quality especially for the price so I so looking forward for this to arrive! 

As it suggests in the name the palette contains 35 gorgeous shades, as it has 35 shades its quite big so dont too convient for travelling but fits perfectly in my drawers. And I do like the sleek black packaging.
The palettte contains 35 pigmneted shades with a mixture of finishes. 

First Row:

Universal – Peach brown matte
Pure – Golden cream chrome
Orb – Orange brown matte
Tan – Warm tan matte
Sizzle – Orange copper foil

Amber – Rose-gold cayenne shimmer

Bronzie – Rusty bronze foil

Second Row:

Flux – Cinnamon matte
Contour – Golden brown matte
Heat – Warm red matte
Ablaze – Red orange velvet matte
Sauce – Gilded orange foil

Fire – Intense red orange matte
Ruby – Red coral shimmer

Third Row:

Zodiac – Bronze gold chrome
Polished – Rose gold duo-chrome
Spice – Medium peachy brown matte
Terracotta – Reddish brown matte
Brick – Rusty velvet matte
Rustic – Peachy golden red foil
Zippy – Copper brown chrome

Fourth Row:

Dust – Ash muddy brown matte
Risky – Warm red brown matte
Chestnut – Reddish plum brown matte
Halo – Deep taupe plum shimmer
Rich – Warm chestnut brown matte 
Brave – Intense reddish brown matte

In the Zone – Warm burgundy brown matte

Fifth Row:

Fawn – Deep taupe brown matte
Stone – Ash brown matte
So Warm – Deep warm brown matte
Toast – Warm chestnut brown matte
Brunette – Deep plum brown matte
Muddy – Deep ash brown matte
Whiz – Intense deep black matte

As you can see from the swatches the shadows are so pigmented especially the glittery shades. The formualation is also really nice and blendable. There's a few brighter shades which look quite daunting so I use a tiner bit in the crease as I'm not that bold! 

My go to look with this palette is 'Flux' and 'Contour' as transitional shades; with 'Polished' on the lid and then 'Fawn' to darken the crease. But you can create a range of looks both for daythime as well as evening looks and natural or bright dependent on ocasion or mood.

Overall I love this palette - gorgeous array of lovely pigmneted and wearable shades which are easy to blend.

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day!

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Sarah X


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