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Friday, 22 December 2017

MAC Snow Ball Pink Pigment and Glitter Kit

I've always loved the look of MAC Christmas collections, but before this year I never had any items from it. Gladly this year my sister got me the Snow Ball Pink Pigment and Glitter Kit.

To start with the packaging is lovely and festive as its rose gold/copper sequins with a cooper bauble/MAC tag on the zip. Which I will probably use as a mini makeup bag in the future as its a great size.

The Pink Pigment and Glitter Kit contain 3 gorgeous shades:

  • Copper Sparkle: Smooth, high-shine copper (Pigment)

  • Pink: Bright Pink (Glitter)

  • Whisper Pink: Soft beigey pink with pearl (Pigment)

The shades are AMAZING - they are pigmented and great formulations. To get the maximum pay off I spray UD setting spray on my eyeshadow brush and pat it on the lid. I also use the Barry M Glitter Glue on the eyelid for the eyeshadow glitter to stay on throughout the day and not crease.

At the moment I love the look of Whisper Pink on the lid with a burgundy and brown shades in the crease. It's an easy glittery festive look for daytime and nights out.

The packaging is really cute and its good quality, which is great as its loose pigments and glitters so the product doesn't go everywhere in your makeup bag.   

I would highly recommend this festive pigment and glitter set as its gorgeous. And I hope you like this post.

This is also my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

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Sarah X

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  1. These pigments are such lovely shades! I can totally see how the pink one looks good with burgundy shades in the crease of your eyes!
    Amber |


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