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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact Powder Review

Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to write a makeup review on one of my favourite everyday bronzers - the Rimmel Bronzing Compact Powder.

This bronzers come in a variety of shades and you can choose whether you want it matte or shimmer . I chose the light, matte on as I want it for everyday and I has rather fair skin.

I love this for everyday as it doesn't need much blending and it doesnt leave you with obvious brown stripes on your face. I love that its matte as I am not a fan of shimmery bronzers as they look orangey on my skin tone.

I love how compact it is as its perfect for travelling or putting in your makeup bag/ handbag.

I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a natural drugstore bronzer.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your favourite bronzer and please follow.

Sarah X

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