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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Natural Lip with Essence products

Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to write about  a natural lip look I love which uses  Essence Lipstick in Natural Beauty and Essence XXL Lip Gloss. Essence is a very affordable brand which I found in my local Wilko store. 

The Essence lipstick is a pink, brown neutral shade with a satin finish. Its quite long wearing and its ONLY £2.29!! The packaging is so cute with the matte black and then the colour of the lipstick as a band.
I got the XXL Lip Gloss in clear or (01 pure chic) so it doesn't add any colour on top of the lipstick. The lip gloss makes your lips look slightly larger and more plump. And this is £1.79 again CRAZY! I do love having a clear lip gloss in my collection as you can make any lipstick have a glossy finish.

So overall this is a very affordable lip combo to create a lovely natural - your lips but better look. And I would highly recommend this brand and these products.

Please comment if you have tried any Essence products and please follow.

Sarah X


  1. I love the Essence lipsticks, my favourite is Wear Berries, a lovely purple shade. You should also check the Essence eyeshadow palettes, they are amazing :)


    1. Thank you for commenting Yiota X I will try the Essence eyeshadow palettes after your recommendation and also the Wear Berries lipstick.
      Sarah X


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