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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What's In My Clutch Bag

Hi chappes,

As its occasion and summer party time i wanted to share what i put in my clutch bag. As you don't want to be carrying lots and have a bulky clutch so i think its important to keep it to the minimum. 

In my clutch bag i have:
Extra gum/Mints- no one wants smelly breath when meant people. As well there is also lots of food at events so best to be prepared.

Makeup- lipstick, mini mascara and concealer to use for any touch ups during the day. So you don't have a patchy, panda eye face in the photos 😂

Nail Glue- just incase any of my false nails fall off which ca happened quite a lot recently please leave any tips on false nails in the comments.

Phone- for contact people or take photos to keep memories.

Literally this is all i can fit in the clutch bag and i think its the bare necessaries that you need :)

Hope you like this post.

Please comment what you have in your clutch and please follow as we are 20 off 300 which is amazing.

Sarah X


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