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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A-Z of makeup tips

Hi chappes,

I wanted to share my a-z of makeup tips.

Apply moisturisers 
Blend in all makeup 
Cleansers are better than wipes 
Don't touch your eyebrows, let professional do it
Eyeshadow should be blended and the eyeliner should be thin
Foundation should blend into your neck 
Great to invest in great skincare 
Highlighter should be applied under eyebrows 
Invest in good brush as it make applying your face look better
Just have fun with makeup
Keep your own style
Lip liners always makes lips look bigger
Make sure you use the right coloured foundation
Never forget to take off your makeup before bed
Okay it try different looks
Primers are great for events
Question others on their recommendations 
Rimmel is a great drugstore brand
Simple is best 
Try different products 
Under eye circles can be easily fixed by concealer 
View celebrity looks for inspiration 
Wings should be the same each side 
Youtube has some great tutorials 

Hope you like this blog, please follow and comment what I could put for X and Z

Sarah x

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