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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Zoella Beauty Original Scent Collection Review X

Hi chappes,

I wanted to write reviews on some Zoella beauty products. Zoella's beauty products smell SO good and so good for the price!! 

I love this shower gel, it makes your skin smell UH-MAZ-ING. It leaves the skin feeling very soft and clean. I used it as i shampoo the other day and it worked really well.

                                             This is a great hand cream, which also smells so good. It has the original scent and it keeps my hands hydrated all day.  And i love the rose gold packaging.
                                                   This shower gel bar is amazing, smells so good. As lasts sooooo long, its actually quite useful to have it on a stick as it doesn't slip in your hands :) The packaging is really summery as well.

Zoella Blissful Mistfull Spray- This smells so good- it come in 2 form a spray bottle and a solid fragrance. The solid fragrance in perfect for travelling as it doesnt leak. 
Zoella fizz bar- this was the same scent as the blissful mistfull and feels the bath with this gorgeous scent. It goes perfectly with Soak Opera to form a bubble bath. I would love to try the tutti frutti fizz bar before the range is discontinued. 

Zoella Eye Beauty Bag-  This is my everyday travel makeup bag. The bag is turquoise blue with peach spots. The makeup bag shows her black shadow of a smokey eye and her flick eyebrows. With her signature in the right corner.

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Sarah x


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