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Monday, 15 February 2016

5 Musical I Would Recommend

Hi chappes,

Over the last few days I've been lucky enough to go to some great musical shows

Matilda- in 2014 i was lucky enough to sing in the Royal Albert Hall with my school. Because we were in London, my sister and I wanted to see a musical. So my mum brought the while family tickets to Matilda. We had the perfect seats, 3 rows back. The show was amazing, the young children were great for their age. The songs like 'When we go up' and 'Revolting Children' were my favourite songs that keep replaying in your head. The musical is great for all ages.

Lion king- This was the first professional musical i have ever been to. In 2009 i was bridesmaid to my cousin in Kensington, it was the best weekend ever. This was a time we could spend as a family before my dad unfortunately died of cancer. I remember the animal costumes were in so much detail and they were parading around the aisles. The singing was magical. 

Phantom of the Opera- I saw the musical whilst touring around the UK, we saw it Birmingham in a half term. the storyline and songs took you on a story in a theatre, so it was a play in a play. The best part was when the phantom swigged on the chandelier in front of people in the balcony or above the people in the stalls.

Sound of music- I saw this on the uk tour, this time it was in Cardiff. It starred the winner of 'how do you solve a problem like Maria?'Connie Fisher, who i was lucky enough to meet an get an autograph from. The scenery was so picturesque and the music was rememberable.

Hairspray- this musicals is hilarous and the musical and movie are very similar. In one of the songs 'it takes two' the two actor were in stitches of laughter, it was hilarious. I would highly recommend this musical 

If you are interested in musicals and you don't know what to watch i hope these will help. 

Sarah x


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